F.O.I – Future of Internet [2025]


grace joo

How advanced would the technology be by the years of 2025? Can you visualise its advancement and what it would be like by the time of 2025?

Ok now, close your eyes and visualise what the technology would be like by the time of 2025.

What thoughts come into your mind? Are they positive thoughts? or negative? Perhaps even both?

I will be discussing the pros and cons of the advancement of technology by 2025 and what the FUTURE OF INTERNET will be like.

Today, we can’t imagine ourselves without technological advances such as cars, cell phones, microwaves, computers and televisions, However, technology won’t stop here, but in fact develop further. A few advantages of upgraded technology are that it is time efficient and less of intense labour. By 2025 there may be even cure for cancer through its rapid development of technology and perhaps even aid the online shopping segment in the society. For instance, there may be faster shipping or a system where you can ‘virtually’ try on clothes in the comfort of your home. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.52.44 pmThe scanner that scans within 2seconds and allows you to virtually try on clothing but not at the comfort of your home.The short clip below highlights the main features of the SYMCAD Optifit technology:

Thus, this is still an immense advancement of technology and it can only improve and become even more advanced by the time of 2025.

Although, the views towards the advancement of technology aren’t all positive. Negative views are predominantly caused by the current circumstances, distressed technologists and technology predictors. They  worry about privacy and identity and about things like a ‘digital divide’. Thus, the dependency technology puts people at a distinct disadvantage, because they become less self-reliant.

According to Matthew Sorrell (senior lecturer in telecommunications and multimedia engineering in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Adelaide) it is assumed that the internet will act like electricity in people’s lives by the years of 2025. In fact the only things they were optimistic about is education as many people though that education would change more radically than it is in the past 10 years. 

You might want to check out this short video clip on the ‘Apple Watch – Guided Tour: Apply Pay’

It’s insane. The fact that it is so centrally focused on the convenience of one rather than taking further consideration into ones privacy and identity. These tools just give us new ways to steal ones identity and torment ourselves.

Professor Michael Fraser the director of the Communications Law centre at the University of Technology Sydney points out an important point where he states that our privacy is a human right,

“It is guaranteed under the universal declaration of human rights, and its an ‘element of human dignity and autonomy and our personal security.” 

I strongly agree with his point as corporations and governments are now putting us under the kind of intensive surveillance and they are able to use this as an advantage and even control us or manipulate us.

How can we protect our privacy?

Many of us are completely unaware that our online activities are constantly being tracked and harvested. This is in fact an issue as the technology is advancing faster than the government regulation. Since when did they have the right to track our activities and how can we prevent the breaching of human rights?

S C E N A R  I O //

This is a scenario that happened to me a couple of days ago which I thought would be highly relevant to this topic. I have discovered that a merchant in the US has hacked my bank details and have withdrew money out of my account. I was really shocked and puzzled at first but thought to myself ‘wow, the advancement of technology has really allowed individuals to gain access to my personal details and take advantage of this’. It is really an invasion of privacy and shocking as to what individuals can do and take advantage of. Imagine the amount of protection and care that needs to be taken in 10 years time in order to prevent fraud, extra consideration needs to be taken to protect the privacy of individuals without intruding ones identity. 

iCloud erase my phone allows the users to erase all the information from your phone directly online without physically having to have your phone with you. This is an interesting feature that Apple has created to protect our privacy.

By 2025, the world would be so much more advanced technologically but can we work to achieve a protected society that isn’t intrusive of ones freedom?

Therefore, the whole point of this discussion is to point out the significance of how technology could impact the society in a positive manner but simultaneously violate ones privacy and rights and what other methods could be introduced to prevent such matter in the future of 2025.

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2 thoughts on “F.O.I – Future of Internet [2025]

  1. jmaclovin says:

    What’s interesting is that you talk about the protection of our privacy through the internet, when colesflybys system – their promotions of discounts and deals are really a collection of our information and a lot of consumers are unaware of this. This blog is a good read on it – http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2012/05/why-the-new-flybuys-is-a-rip-off/

    Maybe we can create new ways of still using and enjoying technology and the internet with a protection of our privacy. We and other designers now have the privileges of joining in to create these futures -the World Future Society is the first membership organization in the world for people who research, envision and create potential futures : https://gallery.mailchimp.com/0acdfa1c625689241fbdceb5a/files/WF_2015_final_program.pdf

    Just a fun find of the future of internet privacy – https://youtu.be/uZ8d2P53N1w


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