Social trends are trends that relate to the social, cultural values and practices within a society. It is a long term trend and is therefore intergenerational, heavily impacting the way people behave. The use of glass as the feature part of emerging designs has established the  importance of this material as the new medium of content delivery.

Glass that we carried, glass that we wear will be further expanded from multi-touch glass work surfaces to interactive display walls to head up displays becoming mainstream. The future will definitely see glass coming to life all around us.

Unless we already are in the future?

Corning, a company who focuses on technical innovation and shares a deep belief in the power of technology has successfully imagined the future of glass as it becomes the primary medium of interaction and content delivery. It visually depicts the coexistence between stability and versatility of technology through glass. This video provides a look of the Glass Age in which science and materials are continuously pushing boundaries and creating new possibilities for glass-enabled technology and design.

Corning has also provided a glimpse of how a day made of glass (seen below) has revolutionised interaction of humans with advanced technology. The company’s highly engineered glass, with companion technologies will definitely contribute to shaping.

References: Presented by Corning youtube



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