What is that?!

The society is rapidly changing with new innovations and is driven with high performance technology such as intelligent machines and systems. Future of Design perceives the future to be highly dependent to technology with which heavily impacts each individual’s lifestyle. This technological change results to social, economical, environmental and political changes within a society.

In 2050, Future of Design group envisioned the future of humans to be enveloped in technology; this corresponds individuals would be accompanied by highly developed wearable technology that would support their day-to-day activities. This device would be used in all aspects of their everyday lives including social communication, personal needs even transportation.This device is to be worn by individuals over their faces, this way it will be unobtrusive to their actions and since it will be made with clear glass, their sight will be unaffected. Individuals will constantly be interacting with this device and is used to enhance the life of individuals within a highly technologically dependent society.

wearable techThis scenario is a developed hypothesis that is perceived to improve the lifestyle of future individuals. In order to test this scenario, I decided to interview an individual who could potentially use this technology, my mother. This person has no particular knowledge of design and very little skills in maneuvering technology making it interesting to see how she interacts with the device.

Asking what she envisions the future of technology would be, she immediately responded with

“more advanced technology”.

This response supports our idea of having highly developed technology in the future. Being an individual who grew up at a time where ‘they had to manually research at the library to find information’, she often finds herself lost in the pool of new technology that she is currently surrounded with. Upon introducing her to the scenario in 2050 and showing the prototype which is the facial screen, she was immediately baffled and asked

‘what is that?!

I then explained what it does and how it functions which amazed her for a brief moment. This reaction however soon vanished as she realised how daunting this device would be in terms of technology dictating an individual what to do in a highly developed technological society.

To conclude the interview, I asked for her opinion about this wearable device being part of each individual’s lives in the heart of Sydney in which she responded with, ‘I could definitely see this happening in the future but I wouldn’t want to live in a time where technology takes over the lives of humans’. She then continued her prediction stating that ‘by knowing the state of the earth during that time, I think it would be a useful device that could definitely support the human existence’.

Seeing this wearable device being used by an individual who has limited knowledge of technology has provided us with useful insights as to how this device would interact with non-designers.  This input from a different perspective assisted us in building our future scenario of individuals living in a technologically advanced society.




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