2050 & Technology

“You want technology that stands out, but at the same time blends in”

Drawing from the scenario where the Future of Design group explored individuals living in a technologically advanced and dependent society, we were able to generate lists of possible devices and situations that could occur in 2050.

Having wearable devices were prevalent across our group as they are generally non-obtrusive to the user. These devices included facial screens, digital eyeglasses and a few other common accessories that could be integrated with technology. Another observation was the consequent utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with an innovative physical form. An example of this would be a smart robot that will act as an interactive pet with its owner; it will have physical aspects of domestic animals whilst having artificial intelligence that will help the user function in his day-to-day life.

10 prototypes

Considering that climate change will definitely be a big factor that will impact technology and lifestyle, there will be an increased use recycled materials. It will be integrated in various aspects of life including fashion. This idea was significantly influenced by Jackie Nguyen‘s discussion about Fashion and Technology in which she explores a variety of possible futures in fashion including 3D printing clothes in homes and even the possibility of ‘spray-on clothing’. Iris van Herpen envisions the future of fashion to be non material and are largely dependent on sustaining the planet; this idea is applied to the prototype concept of 2050, having recycling machines that instantly turns waste into clothes or materials.

10 prototypes

Will technology finally take over the way we see the world?

This is the question that inspired the very surreal yet possible future of technological eyeglass devices. Taking you back from Grace Joo’s analysis of the pros and cons of the future technology,  she stated that technologists and futurists ‘worry about privacy and identity and about things life a ‘digital divide’. Thus, the dependency technology puts people at a distinct disadvantage, as they become less sell-reliant’The image below is a representation of a possible future influenced by the use of the prototype concept of digital glasses that beautifies and projects a ‘better’ environment.2050

An interesting question was raised in this blog post that is relevant to the advancement of technology in the future:

can we work to achieve a protected society that isn’t intrusive of ones freedom?

10 prototypes

Clearly, highly advanced technology could have both negative and positive impact on each future individual. Technology, when used correctly could help in the betterment of the society in which individuals live in; however when its power is abused, it is when it becomes dangerous both personally and environmentally.


Print Me To Life | Future of Design. [ONLINE] Available at: https://futureofdesigngroup.wordpress.com/

F.O.I – Future of Internet [2025] | Future of Design. [ONLINE] Available at:



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