Futuring Scenario of Individual Lifestyles & Advanced Technologies- The Social of 2050

The Future of Design team uses different tools and method to strategically planned a future scenario. We developed a quadrant revolving around ‘My Electronic Life 2050’. That has a ‘x’ axis running on low and high technology. And the ‘y’ axis with individual lifestyle and communal living.

We have selected and based our future scenario on highly advanced technology and individual lifestyles due to the fact today’s society human and technology is drastically changing and evolving. What made us decided on the future scenario is that we are living in the modern world and completely engrossed with technology, which made us likely to vision and adapt or aware on what are the consequences if our lives or status depends on technology and what has our future become.

We did a Steep Analysis (Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, and Political) based on our plausible future scenario. We questioned ourselves, “What type of future are we design contributing to?” and “What do the futures need?” also “What are the challenges/ obstacles and hardships are there?


  • The society is rapidly changing with new innovations and is driven with high performance tech such as super intelligence machines or systems.
  • Transhumanist Future: humanity redesigns itself— technology would become society.
  • The technological change has naturally come to the people—not all the people, but enough to make a difference.
  • Technological determinism in the aspect of social movement for instance humans with affordance vs humans with no affordance that creates tension and conflicts.
  • Using social sorting as surveillance with searchable databases that design to manage things directly and indirectly, monitor behaviours, information about individuals and population, which is embedded in the wearable technologies.
  • The individuals are highly attracted to devices enabling them to have a wide range of access—‘connected living,’ with digital devices that assists and guide us through our everyday lives but it creates a shift of in the mode of communication meaning: ‘killing face to face interaction,’ and ‘loss of sensibility.’
  • The role of individuals or as a society helps reshape technologies. A process for designers and inventors called the ‘consumption junction.’ To provide visions and understanding also how the systems fails, which shows a sense of process.
  • Technological change produces social and organisational change.
  • The Social Trends in society changing in Generation Y, an aging population and increase of middle class.

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Photography taken by me.


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