Desire for a Health Pack

The Future of Design team decided to do a role-play to envisage and capture the essence of the future. It’s based of our quadrant method that consists of two axis: ‘Individual Lifestyle’ and ‘Hi-tech Living.’ Our scenario is situated in Sydney, Australia in 2050. The society that we built and visualise is that the Earth is slowly crumbling and disaggregating with unpredictable weather forecasts. Humans are living with fear day by day. Humans are so consumed with devices that enabling them to have a wide range of access created this fundamental shift of loss of sensibility and affecting the human body to be excessively overweight like the movie ‘WALL-E’ (2008) directed by Andrew Stanton.

The Future of Design team conducted researches about future technologies in health. “By 2025 one third of children and three-quarters of adults will be affected in some way. The increase in projected health care costs of type 2 diabetes of $5.6 billion between 2002-2003 and 2032-2033 alone is startling.” (Department of Human Services, 2008). We suggested our speculative object revolves around the human’s ageing, health and wellbeing.

We thought of many prototypes that could assist and help the human’s life. The main one that we focused on was a wearable technology that is use effectively and efficiently, which could easily access and store the human data and personal needs such as fast communication, social networks, health etc. We thought that was way too common. And so we approached in a different way and pushed ourselves in extreme and did a prototype that function and revolve inside the human body— human and technological merged together.

We have two components in our prototype: the ‘HP’ stands for (Health Pack) and the ‘HC’ (Health Capsule). The HP will dramatically change the lives of humans in a new light and perspective. The human’s lifestyle will run by this Health Pack and it works differently due to the fact it reads the individuals body systems also it’s made from biodegradable material.

Bill Gates developed an idea of a ‘remote controlled implantable birth control chip’ that could last up to 16 years. The placement of the birth control microchip can be inserted on the upper arm, abdomen, and backside. It’s coded to protect wireless data flow and keep it stable also the daily dose utilises by a small electric charge that melts an ultra-thin seal around the hormone. And Christopher Bettinger, an assistant professor in the biomedical engineering department at the university says, “We are basically interested in electronically active medical devices that can perform some functions in the body and that can leave body in an innocuous way,”

Our intuition was a ‘HC’ abbreviated for Health Capsule that last for 10 years. It develops and contains the human nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, water carbohydrate and other materials required to bring the individuals health to it’s finest level in the harsh environments that Australian citizens face daily. It also activates the biomedical regeneration of the human’s body that increases the human lifespan.

In complete, our final outcome or output reveal scientific research is the most reliable path to truth and technological change has naturally come to the humans as a social acceptance and guidance— a ‘Transhumanist Future.’


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Photography taken by me.


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