Devastation: Look and See

In order to have a better understanding of the future and technology, I have conducted a primary research by surveying multiple people in different age groups from 16 to 50 years old. In conclusion from my survey I have results of how people view the future and technology. People believe that the future and its technology play a huge role in everyone’s day-to-day lives. It is slowly taking over the world bit by bit by slowly replacing the way people do things. Things such as:

  • Machines taking over or replacing human tasks, for, example serving machine in Woolworths, Big W and Coles.
  • Easier access to peoples privacy- lots of hacking
  • No face interactions
  • Creating barriers between people and distancing relationship
  • Fast technology- disposing technology such as mobile phones

Everyone has become so dependent on technolog­y that people become less self-reliant and always depending on technology to do simple tasks. It has become an essential need in people’s life such as using instant messages or emails or social medias to communicate and be in contact due to ‘easy,’ ‘fast’ and ‘effective.’ In saying that the future and its technology have become more efficient in many ways. The future and its technology are growing in such a rapid pace that it has put an affect on the way we live, work and communicate as a society as a whole. Everything can be done with just a touch of a button.

In light of the survey, I have a better understanding of people’s view of the future and technology and as a result of the answers I gathered it seems to be what I process it will be meaning it’s common— what I’m implying is that most people sees, technology as a advancement and build a better system. However, I wanted to go deeper and view from the older generation on their views of technology and future and so I have interviewed my parents.

My parents was born and raised in Cambodia, and they survived Pol Pot— the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge (1975-1979) is a period ruled by Pol Pot, forcing and evicting millions of people from cities to work on farms in the country that claimed the lives up to two million people. My parents were young adolescents during that time, and to them technology is all about heavy artillery, guns and machines. ”All we see is guns everywhere.” They both lived in the rural areas in Kampot and Kampong Chhang and so they never been able to hold a technological device or systems due to no affordance. Technology is a huge stepping-stone to them since they arrived in Australia (1988-1994). They’ve slowly adapted to a country that has consumed with goods and resources. Now, my parents are so techno-savvy although they don’t understand how it works due to language barrier but they’re up-to-date with technology and in today’s world for them, it’s already ‘technology utopia.’ “We are living in the present and not the future.”

The future and its technology will become even better than it is now. With this in mind there is no doubt that most things will be made by robots and new technologies developed. There is definitely no limit to technological advance in the future.

Photography taken by me.


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