I Spy With Your Little Eye

As designers working together from different disciplines it’s been beneficial and rewarding learning from others. Sparked from this an interview was conducted on a radiologist within the generation of gen y.

The reason for this being was because it would be more interesting to see from another viewpoint that was not from a design background. The main subject that was discussed was a the technology -prototype that F.O.D had produced in particular and his view of the future.

How do you think this prototype will impact on society in 2050?

Justin Nguyen: Our society is generated to immensely move forward in time with the influences of technology. This Health Pack prototype may just be seen as one of many other innovations made to just simply survive; initiatively it’s value and potential will effectively impact positive changes for the future society. It’s potential is to save lives but it also provides the opportunity to live in adaptation to earth’s changes.

As the future is unpredictable, these result capsules will be complied to how each individual body regulates and from that point onwards it allows itself to increase its tolerance to the standard of living and each and everyone would want that, therefore this is the impact on society in 2050.

With your medical background knowledge, what are some improvements, adjustments that can be made or errors that need to be fixed with this prototype?

Justin Nguyen: Our human body is a complex functioning system that requires balance and circulations of fluids and particles. With the experiments and trials, this prototype delicately considered the factors of reaction towards the tools and equipment used. The idea of the bio silicon tube is a very practical decision for this application, as it is non-reactive it allows normal body pumps flowing and does not damage any body tissues and this is an advantage in the long run as it requires a replacement every 10 years.

There are always new resources in time for improvements, for this bio silicon tube it is a suitable and efficient way of carry health capsule into the body, the only adjustment to consider is designing a more flexible and thin tube that is opened enough for the capsules travel through to reach the health pack where it dissolves. Normally implanting a silicon tube inside the body may be cause irritation, and it is expected to happen but with a design to reconsider the flow and texture of the tube the irritation could be less or can be invisible.

What are some general feedback and your outlook on the prediction of society in 2050 and the use of this prototype?

Justin Nguyen: Society in 2050 would be more advanced than what it is compared to now. Instead of physically maintaining our healthy through exercise and manually diagnosing ourselves, 2050 would have many substitutes and ways to automatically maintain our health for us and that is through the inventions of technology.

This prototype has been carefully investigated and escalated to achieve promising results that matches it’s objectives. The use of this Health Pack prototype will immaculately change lives and will strive to upgrade its potential to extend life even further.



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